My Work

About Me

I am a kid in school that loves coding. I first started to learn to code at the begining of 2020. But all I learned was a little bit of basic JS. But in Augast 2021 I really got into coding and started to learn a lot. Since then I have learned HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. And I am currently learning Python. I have also joined the codecademy forums and been promoted to the second hightest trust level TL3 or Super User(SU)

What languages I know

I know 5 languges. I know HTML (Hyper Text Markup language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), PHP, Javascript and Python. HTML is used to make basic websites, CSS is to format the HTML, Javascipt and PHP is used for all types of things. Some things you can use JS for include the backend of websites and web games using Pharser.js. And PHP can be used in the backend of websites as well. Python can be used for just about anything.

What I use

I use Codecademy (CC) to learn to code and use Replit as an IDE. CC has a great veritiy of corses for all kinds of languges for free and paid acconts. Reptliy is a great IDE because it is browser based so if you want to code on a school computer or somthing you can because you dont need to download anything.

I use HTML and CSS on the daily and use Javascript sometimes.

My goals

My goals for my coding career are
1. Become a better web developer
2. Learn more languges

These are my goals because I would love to make even better websites. And for my second goal is because I want to learn more languges to make stand alone apps/games.

What I have made

Prime number checker

I made this prime number checker. The checker will be able to check all number up to the JS interger limit(9007199254740991). It will also return a number that goes into the number you inputed(only if its a compite number(non prime)).Github repository

Picture of the generator

Prime number lister

I made a prime number lister that will list all primes up to the JS interger limit (9007199254740991).Github repository

Picture of the generator

Prime number generator

This program will generate all prime numbers up to the number you input.

Picture of the generator

Unit converter

I made a unit converter. It can convert temputures that are in F, C, or K into any of the other units. It can also convert time that are in milliseconds, seconds ,minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, year, decade, centery and millenniums. You can view the Repositorie here

Who Want To Be a Milionar in a Python termanal

You can play Who Want To Be a Milionar (WWTBAM) in a Python termanal. You can view the prject in this repl. Just follow the insturctions given to play. You can the code in this repository.

My website

I have made this website. This website includs HTML and CSS.

Picture of the generator


I have made a discord server people can chat about coding and/or get help with coding. The community is very active and is willing to help.. And I am currently trying to grow the server so if you are intrested please join.